Tuesday, June 20, 2006


for Brandon Shimoda

When place occurs,
belief sleeps,
Choice followed
or fought afeared
properly sets one
on a stool
in Montana.

Yes, a ragged seat,
under a roof,
talk, then music,
drink’s ice tart
noticed in that
very order.

Plainly, to tell full—
dreams, although revelatory
populated similarly odorous,
transpire by particular
breathing, drool,
moves among blankets

sedentary. Then,
awoken, expiration—
a hill top, suddenly,

not the room remembered,
various dear pursuits wanted
for eternal engagement, but

“all of Missoula” spread
ahead; not expected,
therefore entrusted

with the failure
actualized, premonitions
shuttled down and

phrased differently is
an end to what could
but will not eventually

quilt this as hoped.
Admire the corpse.
The worst turns.
Eyes from sleep pried

separate one torn
and another torn,
leaving these tassels,
lashes to comb they
keep the dust from.

Wind increases, movement also
follows and when less the moving
does too, peaked or on the ground.


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