Monday, May 15, 2006

Backgammon with Elyse

Pick up your

I can

Movements / Mathematical

Though the falling,
a wandering, unplanned
as our meeting, friend,
position, gladly taken

there is only chance
for another
that did not

Your folk etiquette
bless it, and you your
deftly made mobiles
draped on a rafter of

an absurdly classic Southern
back-porch. Also your sense of
words, as fabric worn by you,
colored, and succumbing to wind.

Some hay in your backyard
tussled, loosed from the bale
and helping yourself you help
one so untrained at the game.

Swagger of your
laughter, it is not
pride but dignity
a theater of joy

asserted, softly
as cotton blooms
in your Alabama
clouds of earth.


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this is good shit man...

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